wax witches

First up on the inspection blocks Wax Witches whose forthcoming album ’centre of your universe’ should be finding its way out Burger / Stop Start Music records shortly. Wax Witches is better known to friends and family as bedroom noise nik Alex Wall whose sounds are described in passing as party punk and who are we to argue for ’theme song’ as short as it is – just 54 seconds – packs more ambition, fun and effervescence into its confined grooving than most bands manage to muster in a lifetime. A kind of fuzz throbbed mid way point joining the finite dots existing between the Ramones and Ariel Pink with a smidgeon of the Pooh Sticks for added inconvenience all haloed in beaming sheens of 50’s bubble groove pop and west coast after burns – recommended for the donning of shades. Better still the anti pop pout of glam kaleidoscopia of ‘you’re not my idol so I shouldn’t be you’ – a strut lushed slab of buzz thrilled sexiness all shoehorned into a horny three minute love bomb. http://www.rnr666.hu/sixline/20140711/from-new-records-274

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