biscuithead and the biscuit badgers

By all accounts these dudes have been setting hearts a fluttering and heads a scratching with their conventionally non conventional catalogue of English eccentricity. Mind you with a name like biscuit head and the biscuit badgers you are alerted long before you’ve even had a chance to air their wares that something is promised that’s – shall we say – not quite right. They have an album out ’dinosaurs ate my caravan’ which tackles such lying awake at night thinking about issues of interest such as the formation of snow, the passing of dinosaurs and hot topic of the now – yes you guessed it – the virtues of the tweed jacket. ’cheese’ grated from that aforementioned set is due shortly to entertain and I dare say annoy in equal measures, musical hall mirth blessed with the impish traits of Vivian Stanshall, Louden Wainwright (in his Jasper era) and as the press release exquisitely notes the zany tomfoolery of Vic n’ Bob albeit as though ribbing Cole Porter. Certainly sure to appeal to fans of those other imps of hi-jinx genius Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones with its falling over tripping up slapstick sassiness and smokily cooled cabaret crooning.

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