heroin in tahiti

Finally from boring machines – news that there might be a little action from Heroin in Tahiti, these dudes, alas previously unknown to us, apparently wowed all with their acclaimed ’death surf’ set for the label way back in 2012 – you can grab a digital copy via http://www.boringmachines.bandcamp.com/album/heroin-in-tahiti-death-surf – anyhow the band are set to release a double full length – dates to be confirmed with the label recommending that for now you seek out their current 7 inch and tape releases for Yerevan and no-fi respectively this very minute which is just what we did rooting out a sound cloud link for the Yerevan release, the flip side as it happens ’Alo’ – should appeal first instance to admirers of Grails given its dust ravaged snake dance, a suspense riddled dark beauty rooted in spaghetti western macabre , a witching hour tango of lost souls reliving their final showdown on a grimly tortured soul damning loop for the perverse sadist entertainment of the underworld’s populace. http://www.soundcloud.com/yerevan-tapes/heroin-in-tahiti-alo



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