First up as previously previewed earlier in the year, that near lost outing from Simones. This honey was originally scheduled for turntable love way back with the spring batch having appeared on the labels Mayfish sampler which as all keen eyed spotters among will have noticed was made available in limited numbers for the Crabstock extravaganza and the Record Store Day shenanigans respectively. ‘magic ship’ is your hazily glazed lazy eyed oozy woozy dream drifting multi coloured mind melt replete with demurring drop outs and fuzzy fade ins all sumptuously harnessed upon a psychedelicised pastoral pillow and spaced out in all manner of lysergia. Simones in case your unaware was active in the 90’s setting up his own label and record shop whilst releasing a handful of ultra-limited albums all of which these days command silly prices on the online auction site. Of course ‘magic ship’ is a stone cold lost gem and a worthy addition to the record collection of any self-respecting psych head. Over on the flip another slab of lost gold emerges in the guise of ‘seize the moment’ which unless ears do deceive sounds as though its fell through the space time continuum straight from a bijou 60’s smoke hole into the glare of modern day sunlight to warp headspaces with its fracturing freak beat felicitations – out there and essential in case you were wondering.

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