Another release we gave a brief mention to in previous musings a little while back when we were all so much younger, this time of asking from FdM head psych prog prefects Sendelica. ‘live at Crabstock’ is as it says on the tin a live document featuring the complete recording of the Welsh wizards recent set culled from their recent Crabstock soiree from earlier this year. Again ridiculously limited in nature, I seem to recall mentioning last time out an ultra-rare as hen’s teeth box set variant – which has long since departed – one assumes – in the grateful arms of a dozen or so early bird enthusiasts. Anyhow this comes courtesy of the ‘friends of the fish’ imprint, a kind of sub label resources promoted and given the blessing by FdM but in effect marketed and run by likeminded souls ie bands and artists from the main labels ever expanding extended family. As said ‘live at Crabstock’ is the full on Sendelica experience, 63 minutes to be precise showcasing admirably their transcendental psych prog happenings, which before you enter and submerge we suggest you might want to consider rolling up a fat one, sparking up and pitching yourself a comfy spot for this is heavy, big bearded stoned out shit that your about to lose your mind to that frequents the astral planes peppering the way with all manner of  rare potions and flavourings of aural exotica to trace and  follow the sonic ley lines tuning into Ozric frequencies, freebasing on VdGG mediums to voyage lost lands once upon a time surveyed upon by those mighty Gong meisters. ‘live at crabstock’ is a positive tropicalia tapestry not least any better evidenced than on ‘manhole of the universe’ (an absolute mind morphing beauty that aside turning in a head tripping 16 minute odyssey also serves to embrace all elements of psych, prog and kraut into one seriously fried slab of boogie) wherein all side winds to a multi generic tableau more associated with Embryo as it wig flips to navigate directly into the heart of a pulsing cosmic eye as though piloted by unheralded psych wizard Edward Ka-Spell albeit in cahoots with Bill Laswell and Ariel Kalma. Somewhere else ‘motorik jam’ is as it says on the tin – a krautian head rush while images of a mystical Floyd forming to rise from the sands is imagined on ‘set the control for the heart of Buddha’ as it weaves into the woozy galactic jazz climes of Tank to drop in and out by the emergence and disappearance of ghost like arcane Bazaar motifs. Floyd are recalled again on ‘screaming and streaming into the starlit nite’ a hulking spacecruiser superbly heralding the arrival of the pretty zonked out and awesome head frying experience that is ‘(return of the) maggot brain’ leaving ‘spaceman bubblegum’ to round up the set in fine style for a slice of mind fracturing star hugging cosmic acid boogie. Freakish.

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