skinny girl diet

Taking a break from Fruits de Mer for a short second for a killer release from skinny girl diet, a spike topped trio who by all accounts have engaged the affection of Viv Albertine and Primal Scream. New EP ‘girl gang state of mind’ is a bit of a babe albeit a blistered one which as is typical of these things we suggest you tune immediately to ‘lazy eye’ – the fourth cut – for this honey pouts, purrs and sneers like a swaggering Runaways rewired by a seriously smoked out Breeders freebasing on the grunge grooves of Nirvana. Elsewhere lead cut ‘nadine hurley’ is your stripped to the bone razor shocked up youthful vice squad belching fuzzed out three chord motifs while the baiting ‘I hate you’ is your pedal to the metal slab of raw and skewed scowling buzz bombed beat pop – thinks evil twin sisters of the Shangri-La’s. somewhere else ‘prozac nation’ adds some deliciously ayward slacker fuzz which unless our ears do deceive had us fondly recalling the black halos. Bringing up the rear and as you’d rightly expect of a cut titled so ‘burnout’ is a whole heap of bad boogie anti pop negativity. All said does it for us as I suspect it will for you – available via the same label (Fiasco) that brought you art trip and static sound – who incidentally – all things being well ought to feature in the missive a little later.     


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