Next up  three tip top ultra limited 7 inch outings from the much admired foolproof projects. These honeys arrive in a limited 250 pressing which all things being well in the world ought to fly off the racks in nanoseconds…..

First of the trio comes courtesy of Map 71 who you may recall we mused fondly over a few months ago when their debuting self –titled CD veered into our listening space asserting a degree of old school austere blank generation negativity. Without doubt one of the most uncompromising debuts to pass our way in recent times and one of the high points of what is a formidable back catalogue being assembled by Andy Pyne via his bijou Brighton based imprint. As said limited to just 250 copies, duo Map 71 (poet / wordsmith Lisa Jayne and drums / synths Andy Pyne) trudge a hollowed shadow lined path where lurk the ghosts and remnant sonic skins of PIL, Cabaret Voltaire, (a youthful proto) Sonic Youth and This Heat litter the lanes. Their sound a bleak echo to a no wave era inspired by Burgess and Burroughs, all scarred in futility and paranoia is not I’ll hasten to add an easy listening experience, ‘standing’ finds Lisa Jayne’s streams of narrative consciousness infect a disquiet more occasioned on releases by Pink Military / Pink Industry, the edginess within  accentuated perfectly by the humdrum almost blanked repetitive Dadaist throb of Pyne’s pared down spazz jazz underpin which by rights ought to find admirers among those attuned to the anti pop waywardness of throbbing gristle. Over on the flip looms ‘specimen’ – which we must admit  to being a tad smitten with given it adopts an acutely cute less is more approach to proceedings and in so doing hypnotically weaves a strangely alluring slice of minimalist earthbeat which to these ears sounds not unlike some impish gathering of Slits and Creatures types whittling out supernatural ju-ju’s – kind of essential in case you hadn’t already gathered for yourselves.

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