Second up of the trio – Kellar who serve up two slabs of killer ju-ju on an again limited to 250 only 7 inch. As the press release correctly boasts ‘sunrise city flux’ is perhaps their most accessible cut to date and sees them veering into Battles territories before morphing and mutating into what can only be described as a cranium frying finale, between those two points what comes to pass is a wide-screened  serenading loosely funky fanfare of a Kellar in playfully frisky mood messing with your fringe and setting your floor space alight to some heads down mesmeric space cruising boogie, fluent and fluid and damn sexy with it which just in case you’re in need of referencing markers sounds not unlike a twang thrilled Bruce Russell under the watchful influence of Joe Meek. Over on the flip ‘exit via ocean’ is Kellar at their most wilfully obscure and obtuse, a freeform slab of fried tribal gouged freakbeat that appears to drop in and out consciousness all the time fracturing to shed its skin and reassemble itself terraforming at will to emerge in the main to forge something that ought to appeal to those admiring of the sounds escaping both the gringo and brew imprints. Not for the feint of heart.

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