nero’s felines

Staying loosely with the Bordellos – or at least their extended family – new thing from nero’s felines finds Dan Bordello teaming up with Rick from the Longdrone Flowers for what is a nifty two track teaser from a planned full length – ‘emperor’ – for small bear records this coming fall. As said two tracks on this delightful teaser set, Brian Bordello citing the opening cut as possessing something of Weddoes vibe, and while we do hear the subtle traces of Gedge and Co’s ‘Seamonsters’ seeping through the grooves it’s the softly turn undertone of a casually off set Pavement purr that pricks our ear lobes albeit here pitched to smoulder settings and prowling something of a discernibly dusty Soft Parade countrified pathway. Flip across for the short, sharp and quick fix dose of Pixie-fied psychosis of ‘lose my breath’ as it feeds greedily upon the groove gouges of Walking Seeds’ ‘bad orb….’-

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