By our reckoning you should be dimming lights for this cutie. Sent ahead to woo all who care to dive in and sample the magical and mystical melodic motifs Brighton 5 piece Jouis, ‘loop’ is all at once slinky, sultry and smouldering, per the press release – the quintet blend a cornucopia of progressive psych, folk and jazz, to our ears soft, seductive and smooth are the watchwords, earthed with a 70’s vintage, the sound of Jouis is both expansive and fluid, free flowing it shape shifts with a casualness that hints to the handiwork of seasoned veterans. Yet this collective have only been around since 2008, positive reaction to a smattering of singles and EP’s has led them to the recording of their imminent debut full length ‘dojo’ – due early November via the beetroot imprint, as to ‘loop’ prized from that aforementioned set – simply kick back and allow yourselves a quiet moment to soak in its intoxicating psych funk flavouring of nifty noodling and kaleidoscopic calypsos.

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