sea legs

Back story to this little cutie involves a chance  meeting between Sea Legs lead man Byron Knight back at the tail end of the 90’s and an elderly crippled woman who regaled him with stories he mistook for tall tales. It was only years later upon recalling said events did he realise that the mysterious lady in question was none other than Hollywood icon Katherine Hepburn. Over you like a rash ‘Christopher Strong’ recalls every vivid moment of that encounter and sets it to a punch you in the face blister packing groove which once done with the Pulp-esque doing a Weddoes stylee opening riff scowl comes charging out of the traps bucking and kicking with an acutely catchy feral effervescence nailed to the floor by the kind of twist tail musical phrasing that’s sure to burrow deep in your psych like a petulant earworm and give you palpitations all this whilst  coming shot through with a seizure  stricken corkscrewing riffola and the palpable smell of sweat as it oozes cool and swagger from its 3 and a half minute frame.

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