Some kind of bad ju ju afoot here for formes are set to emerge with a debuting platter ‘dysphoria’ November time and with it a whole heap of unsettling groove if that is ‘tumult’ is anything to judge by. That said we were forewarned via a message on twitter which almost apologetically hinted ‘it’s a little heavier though than our earlier material’. No shit – sounds as though they’ve journeyed upon a crusade to the dark side and unwittingly brought back souvenirs from the underworld, a 7 minute Pandora’s box of tricks is what you get, this bad babe literally sucks out light dragging with it their stoned out swamp dragged take on psychedelia in to ever darkening doom draped territories where even the likes of Gnod and Goat fear to tread, amid these grooves an ancient primordial manifestation lurks in the cavernous shadows brooding and festering tamed only by the ensuing wooing of archaic lullabies uttered in lost tongues. Formidable stuff.


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