north atlantic oscillation

 Must admit to being a tad embarrassed in admitting to never having had the pleasure of north Atlantic oscillation gracing our turntable, yet having heard – nay – having been blown away by teaser track ‘August ’then we’ll certainly be counting down the days awaiting the arrival of their third opus ‘the third day’ which is set to achieve orbital impact early October via k-scope. By our reckoning this should be high on the watch list of all prog heads especially those adoring of the Porcupine Tree, a lushly coded lunar dream coat is what’s on offer swirling amid a myriad of melodic motifs that whisper in retro tongues murmuring to a pulsar purr evoking lost languages once upon a time ushered and uttered by the likes of ELO, La Dusseldorf and Yes yet equally fully fluent in the craft of pristine cosmic pop a la Asteroid no 4, dark captain light captain et al – in short – sublime.

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