Picked this up on a quick peruse of that there twitter – you know how these go, you are one minute minding your own business the next finding you’ve unwittingly spent three hours watching videos of your fellow human race making arses of themselves and being cajoled into checking out ‘hey this is what I’m eating’, ‘hey this is what I’m drinking’,’ hey this is what I bought today – aren’t I great’ photos – frankly no – not in this life, or the one after – I mean why do people have to share daily report montages – is your life so empty that you need social network permission to do something. Grumbles aside we nabbed this off a tweet from tiny mix tapes – a cassette single no less limited to just 50 copies featuring the synth solo antics of hair police dude trevor Tremaine here found masquerading as Attempt. Okay who remembers a scouse band – early 80’s or thereabouts – by the name of  – I think – 3d a fish in c – recorded a Peel session – that featured a bit of a killer in ‘the garden’ (again I think – yea I know it would be easier to check the dedicated Peel site but hey I’m testing my long term memory given my short term thingymajig is up the er…whatever). I say all this because ’another day’ is a ringer for them, what first appears like something thawing from a DIY electro mix tape c.79 a la Passage et al with subtle side servings of the Teardrops – I kid ye not – and subtle mutant funk trimmings soon begins to blossom into something darkly sultry not unlike  something very Modern Eon if you must know.  

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