cross wires

Alas absolutely no information on these dudes – typically smashed and grabbed on a recent twitter ramble – a quartet – we think – hailing from East London who go by the name Cross Wires with what might be their second EP following hot on the heels of ‘Assembly’. What we do know is that this is the best thing of this ilk to drop in our lap since the days of the Scratch. Indelibly schooled in all things late 70’s new wave / punk opening cut ‘modern art’ has that rarefied pop attrition that used to electrify the grooves of a Jam albeit here rephrased by the purple hearts – raw, testy and brimming with enough cocksure street wise swagger and hook happy melodies aplenty to have the most posing and preening of parka lords to start tapping a winkle picker. Better still ‘shades of light and dark’ superbly catches upon the vibe of the Ruts splicing spikey punk pop with a skanking rumble that had us drawing comparisons to a keen eyed attrition pop savvy XTC. ‘tab clear’ is your secret era Chron Gen nailed niftily to the spot all said I’m much smitten by the over you like a rash unhinged panic attacking frenetic art pop oblivion of the parting ‘vultures’ kinda Pooh Sticks in a bar brawl with Stiff Little Fingers – oh yes….


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