gregory curvey

And quick message from Greg of TLoEH which included download files for that soundtrack to ‘the stream’ which if we have our information sources firing on all cylinders is due for limited release shortly and stars Rainn Wilson. The film is in 1981 and beyond that the information trail runs stone cold safe to say it benefits the boys and girls club of America. Anyhow not rightly sure whether this set is being officially made available, the tracks should appeal first hand to admirers of Cooder, Atwood, Reilly and the likes Gnac given they are brief mood altering instrumental guitar refrains sometimes haunting, sometimes mellowing and occasionally fracturing as found on the final part of the three sequence cycle that makes up ‘the garden’. Be warned those here expecting variations on a TLoEH theme think again, for this is more intimate, insular and often – more introspective. That said we here found ourselves particularly smitten by the track ‘crossing the log’ which greets the listener with a curiously sleepy headed elephantine oompah before momentarily blistering in all manner of Barry-esque spy themed prog dipped realms to soon ease off journeying to the dark side of the subconscious to go all trance like, earthy and dreamy replete with mind weaving woozy monastic chorals, sprays of dissipating woodwinds and ambient pulsars which when gathered together exact the effect of leaving you disorientated as though your footing and navigational lines are forevermore dissolving and morphing anew in altered states. Those wanting to delve a little more can find an assortment of tracks via

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