the red plastic buddha

Staying with the Curvey one a little while longer, we managed to unearth this little slice of extra curricula work. Described in passing as an apocalyptic doom goth pop neo psych rock combo, seven piece the red plastic Buddha feature Mr Curvey on guitar – no doubt sneaking along after various farewells and call it a night sessions with his fellow Eden Hall-ers, the blighter just can’t leave that six string alone. Anyhow these dudes have an album just out via Space Cat entitled ‘songs for Mara’ from which we eyed this little nugget by the name of ‘Go’. Mind expanding stuff, a positive kaleidoscopic explosion of sound and the kind of stuff that such esteemed underground publications as freakbeat and Ptolemaic terrascope used to turn minds and ears onto in the early 90’s – indelibly English in sound, style and vibe and something we here feel ought to prick the more curious lobes of those once admiring of the murmurs of Irma.         

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