whyte horses

is this irresistible or what, sun fried hazy psych pop done to crystalline tipped perfection that radiates with affection to flicker through a would be scrapbook of lost summer childhoods of innocence and hope, can’t think them why on occasion it had us momentarily whistling terry jacks’ ‘seasons in the sun’ but last time I checked that was not altogether a bad thing, anyhow curdles with jangly pop loveliness this and something else that had us much recalling the chime chirpy Clock Strikes 13 albeit here backed by the Busy Signals suspiciously retro’d into a dayglo 70’s setting of Double Deckers meets the Monkees and the Go Team landscapes, very cute – tasty vid and all……oh and before I forget the band are called Whyte Horses, the singles called ‘the snowfalls’ and it appears etched upon a 7 inch via CRC next month….


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