laughing eye weeping eye

We’ve encountered this lot in previous musings. I guess mystic witchy avant-folk is as apt a description as you could ever muster for this bewitching slice of spell craft and that’s not my handiwork but rather more its authors Laughing Eye Weeping Eye. Prized from a 12 inch vinyl EP entitled ‘beway’ this brief but beautiful beguilement goes by the name ‘Knight’ and reveals the duo to be well versed in all things Preterite, Men an Tol and Reverb Worship – to name but three reference markers, all at once stilled in a ghostly aura and inscribed in a lost and archaic folk alchemy there’s a becoming nod to dead can dance flickering amid this haze drenched portal to the past. Safe to say we need to hear the rest as a matter of urgency.

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