paul cook and the chronicles

I’ll be honest in saying that I missed this first time of asking, aside the fact that its out on grandpa stan records who have been missing from our turntable for so long that we considered issuing a missing persons notice – this being the label that introduced us to the joys of the Heartstrings all those years ago – in fact members of the Heartstrings actually feature on production credits here, it also chimes with that age old dilemma of being with someone who doesn’t exactly rock  your world. I for one am expert in rooting these out – though will say there’s nothing better than finding that one person whose totally on your wavelength in terms of music loves, humour and frankly everything else – trouble is they are usually taken no doubt by those of the opposite sex who really don’t rock their worlds either – frankly I’ve given up I suspect the quest to find the Holy Grail would be less challenging by half . Life is cruel. Get over it. Anyhow before we ramble and get any more maudlin I’d just like to say that this is ridiculously perfect – pristine pop that purrs with the kind of production gusto and soft centred seduction to have the most steely among you affording it a second glance, its by Paul Cook and the Chronicles and is entitled ‘a real thunderbolt’. Taken from his ‘thunderbolt’ EP this honey swoons amid a bitter sweet mistiness that’s tenderly caressed in all manner of demurred snow drop symphonies dimpled as though a hushed prayer that thaws and blossoms into a becoming pulse racing radiance.    

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