brother earth

Many thanks to Cam at Hidden Shoal for sending over this ‘un, Brother Earth is a collaborative meeting of minds between Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Robert Pollard) and Steve Five (the library is on fire) who between them have rustled up a soon to be released full length entitled ‘positive haywires’ from which by way of a pre-teaser ‘city of gold’ has been handpicked and sent on ahead to do a scouting sortie. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s just 69 seconds in length, references to Guided by Voices are apt at this point – yet for what initially shapes out to kick with a power pop burn soon blossoms into a glorious kaleidoscopic haze that at once at various junctures nods to the Porcupine Trees, neutral milk hotel and of montreal which by our humble reckoning is a pretty neat trick to be able to pull.


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