klaus morlock

Now here’s something both strange and sinister yet deceptively tasty not least if your ear buds stray and purr to the hauntologist sounds of duke st. workshop, anything on ghost box and matters of the broadcast variety. Just out via reverb worship a rescued collection of sounds which according to their author Klaus Morlock where recorded during a year long stay at the Bridmore Lodge in Wiltshire at the invitation of a certain Jimmy Page in 1977, there’s also mention of the occult, dark practices and a person going by the name Holger who appears intent on instilling a degree of creeping paranoia to the proceedings. Morlock himself active in the 70’s crafting low budget horror film scores, spent the year in total isolation at the haunted cottage his memories blurred and fractured between reality and fantasy brought to bear by the antecedent events of the previous residents. For your listening love two tracks have been prized from ‘the bridmore lodge tapes’ collection and posted on soundcloud the first of which ‘night sweats’ is  a sepia twisted slice of 70’s Radiophonic eerie sparseness replete with psych soaked lullaby recitals grained in tripping psychosis apparitions all etched in a detached disturbia. Personally we are quite taken by ‘watching the girl from the village’ – a marimba murmured slice of Mancini cool that seductively terraforms from a playfully dinked daydream romance as though crafted by a late night studio soiree of pram and l’augmentation types to dissipate and dissolve ominously in to some form of disturbed and shadowy stark and sparse nightmarish  acid fried flashback.  https://soundcloud.com/the-bridmore-lodge-tapes   

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