Here’s a bit of curio for all you Slowdive aficionados. Seems that somewhere around 1994 a lot of file sharing and tape swapping was afoot between Neil Halstead and Tony Wilson, the former busy working on the final Slowdive set the latter djing and promoting in South London booking in acts such as Autechre and Pan Sonic. Techno was all the rave – pardon the pun – and between studio sessions the duo started collaborating under the guise Zurich on what even by today’s standards would be considered abstract and austere aural visions. The disbanding of Slowdive and Halstead’s subsequent shift in musical direction resulted in the two going their separate ways and the project was left unfinished and forgotten, until that is when a handful of tracks turned up on CD’s given to Mark Van Hoen by Wilson. The album now fully restored is being released by Important next month. This particular track – ‘too scared to breathe’ features vocals by Seefeel’s Sarah Peacock and provides for a nifty slice of technoid earthbeat which should appeal to old school admirers of a youthful Wagon Christ though midway through in truth sounds not unlike a deeply alluring and softly toned Arabesque spiritual finding Muslim Gauze re-calibrating the invaders of the hearts and taking them to the next level of mystic consciousness.  https://soundcloud.com/importantrecords/zurich-too-scared-to-breathe-from-zurich-cd-featuring-members-of-slowdive-seefeel

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