delia derbyshire and anthony newley

Curios certainly don’t come any more curious than this rare archive gem. Never before released, it has remained locked in the archives and forgotten since its recording in the summer of ’66. A pop collaboration between Delia Derbyshire and Anthony Newley, yes you read right a ‘pop’ collaboration. Of ‘moogies bloogies’ the press release details specifically its timeline, even how much work  Derbyshire afforded to her part of the collaborative bargain (64 and half hours in case you were wondering with a particularly lengthy and productive day on the 9th August and a total rethink session rethink the following day) and of the meeting at Derbyshire’s Maida Vale flat where the plans were hatched – Newley arrived there driven by then wife Joan Collins and sister Jackie who waited outside during the meeting. What remains unknown is to how such a recording – (Newley’s star was still high at the time (Dr Doolittle, Willy Wonka and Sweet November were still to come) and Derbyshire who fresh from acclaim at her electronic realisation of Grainer’s musical stem for the Dr Who theme was busy with the ill-fated Unit Delta Plus would go on to achieve cult status as part of White Noise) has remained so far untouched despite the extensive plundering of both artists’ back catalogues. Pairing together Newley’s strangely surreal voyeuristic lullaby with Derbyshire’s waltzing pulsars and playful childlike enchantment ‘moogies bloogies’ crafts together a curiously disorientating musical box that sits neatly between wonderment and weirdness. Out on the esteemed  trunk imprint shortly.

PS the photo credits on the you tube image are not of Delia but of that other electronic sound pioneer Suzanne Ciani.

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