A little something that ought to be high on the listening list of those among you much admiring the output of hidden shoal, this elegiac slice of crunchy glitch porcelain pop comes from Espher who is really Ben from Moses Gold conducting a spot of extra curricula activities. ‘this simple gesture breaks my heart’ is a trembling and tearful slice of tenderness sent out as an early warning herald to announce the coming of a full on EP in the very near future, though you have to gather up the emotional wherewithal to survive this first coming as it does traced in regret and a bruising that’ll we feel and fear will crush the more sensitive, all frost tipped key cascades and glacial widescreen symphonics set to heartbreak and very much couched in the fragile classicist framing of a youthful fortdax – the crescendo at the  finale of which is something to swoon to.

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