Greenman mixcloud

Some lovely kick back and chill out easy listening vibes radiating through the speakers straight out of the green man radio room courtesy of ben soundhog, I mean be honest where in the hell are you going to find the likes of ty segal, beach buggy and the human league rubbing shoulders with gilbert o’sullivan, roger whittaker (in French) and Kenny lynch (a surprisingly nifty 60’s rocker) not to mention a cover of ‘the theme from robin’s nest’ (70’s sitcom loosely a follow up to man about the house if I recall rightly starring Richard o’sullivan and tessa wyatt) by the shows platter player masquerading under the guise of loose capacitor – now even the freak zone ain’t that weird. And if that isn’t enough to get the pulsing jangling there’s an utterly gorgeous and sensual version of ‘I go to sleep’ by Marion.

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