In our lengthy absence we somehow missed out on a few nuggets released over the summer time not least this one by Utrecht based three piece Stillwave. Sounding initially as though it’s been drop kicked from a late 70’s post punk mix tape there’s more than enough of a beautified brooding bleakness attaching to ‘rich ones’ that would suggest it had spent its formative years donned in overcoats surveying the crushed landscapes of a north west England, there’s certainly a Factory vibe restlessly rippling in the mix that nods ever so obviously towards Joy Division. Spectral electronics, chilled tipped atmospherics and that sonorous croon, but then there’s a thaw, riffs splutter into stratospheric formations and something hymnal and hope hooked parts the crestfallen malaise, a purposeful change in tide, a new found destination assuming quietly epic proportions much like a subdued Swimmer One all said.

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