the beards

I blame Quiet Marauder for this, their facial furniture opus espousing the joys of the moustache from last year or thereabouts has I suspect led to a levelling of the score from the bearded community headed up it seems by the anarchic and crookedly surreal Aussie combo the – er – Beards. Prepping themselves for a UK tour where evangelist like they will no doubt be spreading the beardy word and bringing with them an assortment of beard wigs for those who can’t quite get it on, the band follow up their acclaimed ‘if your dad doesn’t have a beard you’ve got two mums’ (I kid you not) with ‘all the bearded ladies’ (timed to coincide with world beard day 2014 which was on Sept 6th – look I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to). Impishly taking shots at your musical heroes (not mine I should say) we’ve spotted within 15 seconds sly digs er – nods – to Queen, Van Halen and Europe, frankly so much fun emanating from this that you can’t fail to being swept along by its feel good gusto and don’t think that even by nailing your feet to floor that that’s going to help you – believe you me it won’t we’ve tried. If only to add to hysteria the videos even more barking than the song which judging by the way they joyously accost innocent bystanders I’m guessing flights to Australia this fall will be sold out in nanoseconds.

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