Incoming shortly the second full length from Philly based electro experimentalists Tygerstrype. Entitled ‘we learn to love our chains’ the duo have sent ‘prince’ ahead on a scouting sortie, emerging from a distorted and dislocated psychotropic haze drizzled in shimmer toned drone glazes the mists begin to clear to shape shift into floor thumping cosmic carousel rippled in buzz sawed ruptures and the shower of cavernous riff hook loops hoodwinked from Joy Division’s ’24 hours’ enlisting along the way to their formidable tapestry the sultry snake wind of  arabesque struts to finally complete the circle once again shedding its skin towards its fall to bow out amid a fractious collision of pulsar grooving and frying mindsets – will destroy the cooler more in tune  dance floors of the pulse feeling underground. https://soundcloud.com/viciousbuzz/04-prince/s-aEcBJ?in=viciousbuzz/sets/tygerstrype/s-aEcBJ   

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