claudia brucken

Okay yes we admit we are a little late coming to the party with this, I wouldn’t be too surprised to find that you were so familiar with it that you’re probably fed up to the back teeth hearing it and have since moved on to pastures anew. New thing from former Propaganda / Act-er Claudia Brucken. This ‘un comes peeled from her imminent ‘where else’ full length for cherry red records entitled ‘nevermind’ which in truth at worst doesn’t hit you between the eyes and have you  falling of your listening pedestal though  at best prefers to lay little earworms in your psych to slowly form, grow and hatch into something of a slow burner- admittedly a little too mainstream for our tasting but still plied with enough clever tweaking of countrified sighs softly twisted upon a subtly cool sophisticat studio 54 styled disco funk twang going on to have you sneakily feeling around for the repeat button – references should you need them – think Fleetwood fronted by a subdued Agnetha and Anni-Frid from Abba. Rumour has it the album features a cover of Nick Drake’s ‘day is done’ which I suspect might be worth the entrance fee alone.

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