julie byrne

First up a twinset from Julie Byrne that pairs together ‘melting grid’ and a new rephrasing of ‘emeralds’ here fashioned as the ‘portals version’. Limited to just 300 copies all adorned on pink wax the press release compares the spirit, style and softly spectral seasoning of Byrne’s craft akin to that of Perhacs, Dalton and Bunyan – a good call and not the mere marketing bluster that usually accompanies missives from press houses oft erroneously saddling their protégés with comparisons doomed to give rise to hilarity and critical kill for here there’s no denying that the spectre of Karen Dalton is perched on Byrne’s shoulder inspiring the needle picked intricacy of ‘emeralds’. Alluring, intimate and softly mesmerising, the delta folk detailing comes couched in a transfixing rustic yarn traced by an archaic tongue informed by the old ways of song craft not to say finitely showered in a shy eyed remote warmth that treads gently in the footsteps of Nick Drake. For its part ‘melting grid’ comes kissed in a dreamily demurred resonance that oozes romance as it undulates and delicately weaves amid  a woozy pastoral tapestry that’s seductively trimmed in airy  peppering of subtle mountain folk gospel auras.  www.staticcaravan.org  

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