laetitia sadier

Ooh what’s this then, this is gorgeous, is it considered a tad odd to want to kiss a record, er hang on why has the listening space miraculously gone all bright, chirpy and flourescent, hey what’s the sun doing in here, who let rabbits in and alright whose are little fat dudes with wings firing arrows at me. Last time out it was getting all mathematical, philosophical and very, very heavy and deep as though a creative autumn had arrived and was digging in for a long spell with only the occasional thaw of an appearance on a Benjamin Schoos release to cheer the soul, but then Ms Sadier is blessed with the kind voice that where she to read the telephone directory set to a badly played casio we’d still purr with affection. With her new album ‘something shines’ for Drag City just released (alas that’s something I fear we missed out on) a new video for the track ‘release from the centre of your heart’ has just been unveiled. I’ll be honest in saying that unless you can point me in alternative directions that I’ve never heard Ms Sadier so loose, joyous, carefree and flying – almost as though some hidden weight has been lifted. ‘release from the centre of your heart’ is you might suspect the point to where ‘dots and loops’ was hinting, fluffy, free flowing, lushly adorned, playful and fluffy – oh yes you are reading right, a radiant sun shimmered tropicalia carousel of Bacharach-ian dreaminess albeit with both Lalo Schifrin and Van Dyke Parks re-tweaking the score and all at once sultry, sensual and slinky. Fill your boots for pop perfection like this rarely comes knocking often.

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