les baxter

I’ll be truthful twice in saying that we ripped this off a posting found lurking of Klaus Morlock’s face book page and that secondly we’ve absolutely no idea as to where it’s from, anything about the artist and whatever else to accompany this brief musical montage – honesty is such a refreshing thing don’t you find for politicians we are not. It’s by – we think – Les Baxter and not the fictional Eastenders doctor Harold Legge as mentioned in the title (‘Harold Legge – encounter at foxwood’) which on closer rooting appears to have been recorded back in 1974. Now is this the same Les Baxter responsible for composing a wealth of film scores throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s whose musical appreciation appeared to follow a similar though more defined pathway to that of Raymond Scott initially composing big band orchestrations before refining and tuning his craft to move into exotica and jazz and later into the realms of b-movies (Dunwich Horror, Corman, Poe) and whose earliest forays into music saw he teaming up with a very youthful David Crosby (according to a Wiki link). Whatever the case ‘Harold Legge – encounter at foxwood’ ought to tick the boxes of those among you so admiring of the pioneering work of Louis and Bebe Barron whilst not forgetting those that subscribed to that excellent ‘optiganally yours’ collection a few years back, for both sinister and serene this orbital serenade is traced in sweet isolation all cast in  a spectral and frail framing that hovers and shimmers ghost like as though some celestial call from the beyond which for the best part swirls hypnotically until its finale wherein all is eclipsed by a more dreading and sombre tone not unlike it has be said Barry Gray’s closing signatures to Anderson’s UFO.  https://soundcloud.com/les_baxter/harold-legg-encounter-at-foxwood

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