lost girls

Sounding like some bright eyed sun shiny sortie cutting itself loose from a 60’s Californian scene to embark on a wide open road trip to pastures anew all trimmed in subtle countrified opines radiantly showered by crystalline jangles and honey crusted boy / girl harmonies. You’d be rightly forgiven for thinking this was the handiwork of some current band of hotly tipped riff slingers. Not so. Left to gather dust, unloved and near forgotten in the vaults, this was initially prepped for release back at the tail end of the 90’s but was withdrawn at the last minute. Until now that is. ‘hold me down’ comes courtesy of Lost Girls- a  collaborative meeting of minds between Creation / 4AD artist Heidi Berry and Kitchens of Distinction’s Patrick Fitzgerald which  finds both artists stepping outside of their familiar comfort zones – the self titled album dusted and cleaned will appear via 3 loop music as an expanded 2 disc set shortly to include the original aborted album with additional material sourced from demos and sessions – certainly something that should prove of interest to Throwing Muses and Kristen Hersh admirers though why oh why do I keep hearing the subtle undertow of the Monkees as rephrased by REM careering through this nugget.       

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