rhys marsh

Emerging from his Autumnal Ghost activities and recently acclaimed appearances as part of Kaukasus, Rhys Marsh is shortly to release his debut solo full length ‘Sentiment’ at the fall of November – a spectacle that will be preceded by the release of two singles, the first of which ‘the seventh face’ we are very honoured and humbled to premiere here. Rhys Marsh has long been long admired around these parts since appearing on our radar as a member of Mandala many years ago, blessed with a rare mercurial touch in terms of song craft, he last year admirably acquitted himself with some aplomb perilously pitting himself the task of releasing a covers EP (‘suspended in weightless wind’) consisting of five re-treatments covering a mammoth spectrum of sound and style that on paper appeared fool hardy at the least, a set exquisitely and indelibly traced in Marsh’s own persona and whose high water mark was an eloquent re-reading of Drake’s ‘things behind the sun’. for ‘the seventh face’ a darker more shadow lined approach is taken, its ghostly pang threaded in suspense is stirred in a fracturing isolationist disturbia and prowling psychosis, Marc Almond and Scott Walker are your guides wading through the overhanging psych folk thickets where lurk haunting sonic apparitions drawn from the psyches of Nick Nicely and Paul Roland, across pulsar beats, descending chord motifs and chime chill spiral carousel like crafting a curiously hollowing progian overture dimpled in monastic chorals all etched with the macabre trimming of 60’s styled Grainger meets Astley gothian macabre.       

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