seaside caves

Typically hapless on our part we’ve managed to mislay the note we received pointing us in the direction of this gem of a release, though if memory serves me right I’m fairly certain that these dudes are either mates or tour buddies of the Wreaths. Confusion aside Seaside Caves are a three piece hailing from New Jersey who’ve just released a self-titled 5 track EP which those of you of a shade adorning persuasion with a fondness for darkly woven seismic epic anthems ought to be plugging into fairly sharpish. In short best thing we’ve heard tripping out of that neck of the woods since the werewolves dropped ‘pill box’. Opening cut ‘les’ trimmed in all manner of early brooding 80’s grandeur with its hulking swathes of ‘movement’ era New Order minimalism is shimmered in Velveteen classicism. ‘tonight’ – incidentally the best thing here is glacially cloaked in a widescreen aspect which if we didn’t any better would have guessed it being the handiwork of tenderly spectral Zerra 1 studio swooning with the Wild Swans with the Church at the mixing desk. Adding a touch of lightness to proceedings ‘silent signal’ the EP’s pop purring sore thumb might have easily been dragged from OMD’s debut had the trio a time machine and an impish want to change history while ‘party’ by rights receiving oodles of radio attention being the most immediate thing here hints at a fondness for the Chameleons given its purred with the same hulking wall of crystalline sound. Typical of these things our preferred and favoured cut is the parting ‘vision’ – up there with the Bordellos’ ‘temperature drop’ and very much free flowing on an axis shared by Bowie’s ‘heroes’ though here melted by the hazily glazed trip wiring of a sublimely mellowing soft psych hush that smokes with the kind of cool mastery you only ever find on Mercury Rev platters and with that ridiculously essential and quite perfect with it.   

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