the great electric

Next up from Static Caravan the Great Electric who we mentioned in passing a little while back. This lot feature members of Hefner, J Xaverre, mum and dad and GoKart Mozart amid their 5 strong ranks – a supergroup of sorts then who on EP1 appear to be on an exploratory mission  turning old kosmiche ways anew blending space age pop salvos and progian psalms into hulking slabs of trip-a-delic headphonic hallucinogenia. Of course stoner space heads and progged out purists may be minded to fast track through the four track EP to unearth the parting ‘M.O.P.E.’ – a hulking big bearded beatnik of a cut aboard a cosmic hyper glider in stasis mode and cruise controlling the astral voids mellowed by the emitting of sultry stoned out sonic serenades of woozy mind expanding Floydian fry ups which once suitable satisfied that they’ve sedated your mind’s eye then up the ante to go all gruff and grizzled to cut hairy primordial shapes in the image of a Mugstar meets Mountain exchange of admiring glances .’music and colour’ once upon mentioned here previously still rears and kicks with it’s cool cosmic kudos intact like some interstellar happening as viewed through a 70’s kaleidoscopic viewfinder wherein on some far flung galactic outpost an intrepid cosmic sortie of Slipstream, Alphastone and Fly types are cobbling interstellar greeting calls from out of butchered La Dusseldorf platters – Warm Digits sit up and pay attention. Set opener ‘matter of time’ in truth could have easily fallen off the edges of Quickspace’s curtain calling ‘death of quickspace’ – all said though its ‘jump over the house’ that should by rights attract the radio attention and the admiration of those less so turned on by motoric murmurs. Primed with the kind of pop savvy that imagines – what I was first going to say – an effervescently radiant ‘beat the clock’ era Sparks in cahoots with Air albeit with the latter fitted with a V12 turbo time travelling back to the 70’s- but after much nagging and record searching shapes up to veer into orbits tracking the corn dollies ‘nothing of you’ and with it cutting a rather dandy floor frothing psychedelic popsicle from out of bastardised Marr mirages and sunny seaside specials(look I’m sticking with this bit because there’s definitely a retro vibe / mutant ‘the hustle’ vibe going on) into a toe  chattering beat beefed beauty. An album is in the workings featuring Shrag’s Helen King – this one though on limited slab of 12 inch wax – 300 I believe.  

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