I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at one time or another, you hear a record, it reminds you of a band whose name just slips slightly left of centre of your recall, you know you’ve got releases by them, in your mind’s eye you can even picture them, so you go on the hunt for them – but buggering hell can you find them – no but sure as hell you’ll be tripping over them tomorrow just when you don’t need them. So you try to find them on the internet and your service keeps disengaging – okay the latter bit I’ll agree more than likely you aren’t dogged by unless of course you subscribe to BT (short for Broadband Titsup no less). I say all this because having heard Beezewax’s ‘hazzard’ I’m of the mind that someone in the band (or at least their dad) is the proud owner of a stash of lost nuggets by the Power of Dreams. Swiftly moving on this buzzing little gem comes prized from a forthcoming full length ‘tomorrow’- the latter arriving next month the former around now as it happens, Beezewax – just to fill in the gaps – are a quartet who hail from Norway (which last time I checked was still legal) – anyway this buzz-sawing power popping gem is kissed with the jangling shimmer pop prowess that once upon a time used to adorn the grooves of releases chiefly put out by the much missed Summershine imprint, so fill up on this cuties sun shiny effervescent radiance because folks it’s going to a long, long winter.

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