graveyard tapes

Love the way all the attending parts of this slowly form together only to fall away, reset and start the process again with each re-forged sequence assuming a more assured sense of depth, density and dimension until by its fall its maddening persona is upon you consuming and smothering your sound space. From the forthcoming second set ‘white rooms’ via lost tribe sound this is duo Graveyard Tapes with ‘the sun doesn’t want to be photographed’ – coming on like a subdued and shadow hugging Battles, the syncopating tremors of the frantic keys and softly shuffling beats aligned to its monochromatic framing shepherd in to craft a slow burning hysteria that in truth isn’t a million miles from old school Birdpen, the brittle urgency and the  introspective bitter sweet hollowed ache swells and infects like moments from Radiohead’s ‘in rainbows’ though draw a little nearer and deep down, should references be your bag, something stirs that appears to be the missing link from Tex La Homa’s ‘dazzle with transience’.

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