la hell gang

You know how we dig woozy blissed out sounds, good job really floppy fringed freaks for this honey has it in oodles. This is the second set from Chilean psychedelicists La Hell Gang entitled ‘thru me again’ and finds them forging links with uber dayglo dandies Mexican Summer for a numbered 1000 only vinyl set (ours is #21 in case your taking notes). These dudes freebase on the lazy eyed lysergic grooves of the black angels and brian Jonestown in crafting out dust hollowed slabs of mind evaporating mirages and acid dipped bonged out moments of side winding blues blurs. Eight tracks lie in wait on ‘thru me again’ and not a duff one in sight especially if you fancy a soundtrack to your peace pipe tooting experiences. Blessed with a knack of going off radar and certainly knowing a thing or two about the art of cobbling together the niftiest of hip shaking grooves whilst none to shy in ramping up the wah wah’s and the effects pedals to mind melting euphoria states a la latter career Roses as on ‘last hit’, its left to the two parting cuts to provide the albums highlights. ‘what you want you got it’ is death by slow seduction, to a softly purred corkscrewing motif everything including you, your headspace,  the fixtures around you and even the band helplessly get sucked into an absolutely shit faced and wasted hazily glazed and sensual lost in the moment vibe leaving the end game ‘so high’ to smoke out whatever resistance your still struggling to put up. In truth it was this track that alone sold me and had me parting readies in exchange for these waxen sounds, this comes kissed in a gloriously mellowing cortege of glacial afterburns- just perfect for closing your eyes opening your mind and drifting along dreamily cloud surfing into setting sultry summer skies.

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