We meant to feature this ages ago, it was primed for a missive now lost in the infamous blue screen of death debacle, we feared we’d lost it, we feared far worse that we’d forgotten about it. Happened upon this gem whilst rummaging around bandcamp. Revbjelde are a Berkshire based collective headed up by Alan Gubby a Reading based producer and audio archivist with a thing for radiophonics whose recorded stuff for such notable labels as leaf, trunk and tru thoughts in the past. Latest outing is a four track EP entitled ‘the weeping tree’ via Buried Treasure – an imprint dedicated to the unearthing of all manner of radiophonic curios, library electronics and lost archaic sounding recordings falling outside the usual permitted and perceived genre classifications. Opening with the ghostly enchantment that is ‘weeping tree’ the obvious nods to Goblin at the start married to the wood crafted rustic dance unfurling hint with woozy delight a 70’s Brit horror landscape, beneath the beauty and allure a glorious floral pageantry is at play daubing fleeting images of spectres engaged in village recitals, pagan prayer and mayday follies, references are easy – Men an Tol and pretty much anything emanating from out of the Owl Service extended family should see you adequately resourced though more pertinently those admiring of Stealing Sheep will find welcoming arms. The ‘version’ edit of the same track is – if at all possible – even more woozy and dreamy than the lead out mix all stirred within twilight hazes and the ethereal purr of siren-esque hymnals. ‘lankin jig’ sits strangely wagging its sore thumb, as the title suggests a shuffling olde English hoedown nimbly noodled by some nifty riff twangs.  all said we here are much taken by the parting ‘tidworth drums’ whose ominous monastic throat chants greet from the start soon dissipate to reveal what can only be described as a deeply engaging and lolloping cross hybrid of kosmiche folk kookiness drawing from a mutant and sultry tasting of Australasian and Arabesque motifs whose musical notations I wouldn’t be surprised to hear are carved in ancient stone pillars- add to that that it arrives replete with – if my ears are hearing right – the sadly and rarely heard didgeridoo – think Tunng on an exploratory tour of the outback re-tweaking PIL’s ‘flowers of romance’.

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