the unseen

I’ll be truthful in saying that we’ve been sitting totally blown away to the Unseen’s recent soundtrack for ‘the Goatman’ – a fond appraisal is looming large, for now though we eyed this on the Holy See Fb page and well – there’s no other way of saying this – but we’ve spent the last 10 minutes prizing our jaw from the floor. However a slight bit of a confusion over this for the Unseen are we believe duo Harold Legg – to muddy waters you might well recall us mentioning a track by the name ‘Harold Legg –  encounter at foxwood’ – and Simon Magus and this may be a clever slice of misdirection if Grey Malkin’s excellent appraisal of the ‘the goatman’- incidentally via reverb worship’ – soundtrack is to taken thus – see for further enlightenment. ‘Mary’ is billed as the horror film that was canned and banned after its initial screening developed its own unwarranted sub plot whereby a copycat killer struck in 1977 – the identity of whom remains a mystery even to this day. Debates about whether its authentic or an intricate ruse aside, there now appears the opening credit sequence to ‘Mary’ via sound cloud world – a grimly haunting slice of horrorphonic isolationism very much couched in a Goblin dialect and oozing in the kind of vintage 70’s giallo as styled by films emanating from the Argento and Fulci horror psych houses, monochrome shimmers, spectral church organ drones pierced by dreamy pastoral flotillas of brontean canters, the crafting sparse, the vibe chilled and minimalist instil upon this ritualistic recital a sense of the  tenderness and the torment not to mention the magical and the macabre.

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