rev rev rev

Still with winwin – this is going to break hearts and have My Bloody Valentine devotees all a swoon for Italian shoegazing dream poppers Rev Rev Rev are shortly to release ‘catching a buzz’ – an effects pedal drenched head trip that ought by rights to set the floppy fringed purists among you all blurry eyed and lost in a lovelorn psychedelic oblivion not to say proving something of a treat for admirers of the much adored Dead Leaf Echo to seek out. As ever with these things though we here prefer the more woozy and dare we say fracturing offering over on the flip for ‘blue on red’ is the kind of bubble grooving strut kissed sky parting stratospheric haziness that used to fry the groove of platters jettisoning into record world orbit with the seal of quality name Skyray upon their sleeving.  

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