prettyboy aloe

You won’t believe the grief this track has caused, we’ve spent the last 10 minutes checking our speaker connections thinking the issue was at our end only to discover by playing it on another mobile device that its actually meant to sound like that. Now I’ll be the first to admit that this will divide opinion in opposing sides quicker than a hot knife to butter between those who adore it and those who – well not so much hate – rather more tire of it quickly. We on the other hand fall into the former camp you’ll no doubt groan to hear. Latest from the Everything is Chemical is by prettyboy aloe of whom we have no clue about except to say they are hip hopping experimentalist currently cruising the vaporwave scene – according to the tags. By our reckoning these dudes / dude certainly knows their / his way around the frank wobbly and sons/ wobblyhead back catalogues given there’s a fair amount of musical mischief afoot here what with speed manipulations, phazers and a whole host of sepia drenched treatments being applied to give it a full on totally immersive vintage trip aura not least the opening cut ‘the time we spent feels eternal’ a tasty slice of float on woozy 70’s styled chill lounge funk that aside sounding like someone twiddling around with an old transistor setting (older listeners will recall evenings spent huddled beneath bed covers haplessly trying to tune into Radio Luxemburg) is cut from the same kind of smokiness you’d expect Gary Wilson to croon across. All said we here are more than a little favouring the frankly gone ‘Serenity (lil Tofu bootleg)’ which by these ears had us recalling the more playful and less scatty grooves found occupying the tigerbeat6 imprint.  

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