the blue giant zeta puppies

Last appearing in these pages near enough this time last year when viewed on the trip-a-delic back to future’s past 2014 Annual put out by Fruits de Mer wherein they turned in two retro servings of groove ‘lost in space’ and ‘Joe 90’  are the blue giant zeta puppies. Out via the active listener blog site their ’12 theories of time travel’ debut full length has been the cause of much admiring glances and the odd occasional twisty two step across the listening space that is the bijou confines of the Sunday Experience dance floor in the pantry under the stairs. No doubt their time travelling machine appears to have suffered a few glitches because these twanged out sci-fi obsessed space kids still appear to locked into the 60’s space age, zapping the bad guys with their sub atomic twist-a-rama phasers whilst overdosing on the televisual eye candy of the Gerry Anderson TV21 hive mind. That said the Link loving futurama of ‘martians on the surf’ which opens the set neatly tunes its radar into the b-movie groove of the much missed Brand Violet whilst the shimmering ’40 million miles from earth’ seductively shimmers like some sassy cosmic western showdown presided over by those twang twiddling saviours of mankind Man or Astro Man. As you’d rightly imagine of a track going by the name ‘Transylvanian twist’ that this comes kookily festooned in all manner of head wiring spy twanged suspense psychotropia that admirers of the TV Personalities, beatnik filmstars and Magoo will do well to tune into as soon as. Somewhere else the psychosis seeped ‘one for sorrow’- in truth the best thing here – is drizzled in the kind of head bowed lo-fi minimalism bending to fracturing edginess that ought to be checked out by those adoring of the Bordellos . elsewhere ‘outlaw’ is your prime time Shadows c. ‘Apache’ / ‘man of mystery’ and ‘colossus’ is your shade adorned spy lounge lilting 60’s TV cool leaving the Meek mellowed cosmic campfire ditty ‘what don’t kill you’ to see out matters quite touchingly. Recommended then.

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