the kuhls

We here are getting a tad doe eyed and affectionate over this little darling by the Kuhls – that’ll be sisters Grace and Renee – whose new full length ‘holy rollin’ is as we speak huffing and puffing its way into record world (well the UK that is as it seems the album has surrendered the more clued in patrons residing stateside with reference to Parsons and the Stones being festooned like confetti) – with an estimated arrival date December time via tip top recordings. From that set ‘leaving the prairie’ has been sent out on a scouting sortie and bugger me its tasty and sounding not unlike something that’s found itself chuckling and rolling from out of the esteemed pressing plant of k records all needled in seductive riff croons and serviced with a lightly lazy eyed country caress that in truth comes on like Mirah in some sort of studio soiree with a smoked out and laid back Throwing Muses.

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