This come highly recommended by Brian Bordello, as ever a good call for they Ill have turned in a frankly essential three track EP ‘the housewives trilogy’ which comes impishly described as ‘noisily combatting myths of marital bliss and gender role satisfaction. Great for doing the ironing to.’ angular, twisted, schizoid and sounding as though its been dropkicked straight out of a 1979 / 80 mix tape, these sore thumbs have clearly cut their teeth on the early catalogue of the Fall before swiftly moving along to devour the more off radar platters from lost Peel playlists from around the day, in short Ill concoct the kind of wired off centred crookedness that the likes of the filthy little angels and cherryade imprints used to upturn with joyous persistence. With obvious nods to the Au Pairs in particular with a few side glances to X-Ray Spex, opening sortie ‘hysteria’ digs deep into the psyche of the criminally underrated Ludus to apply a sharply needling nag nag nag mindset that curdles to bleed with snarling frustration. The spitefully playful ‘secret life’ on the other hand is blessed with a frenzied loop locking police siren like riffola that jabs and jars away with a bracing face peeling militarist precision, edgy, furious and frantically wiring its way deep into safe confines of your psych to cause abject bedlam much a seriously at the end of their tether Lovely Eggs. ‘diazepam’ sweetly wraps up matters in a most attractive and skewiff comatosing way that finds it dizzily and kooky stumbling and weaving to a curious music hall romp rippled in vivid moments of colour sharp euphoria, I short a damaged delight.  

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