roadside picnic

Some extreme noise terrorism by way of sound sculpturist Justin Wiggan under his roadside picnic ident….5 ultra limited cassettes have just heaved their way through our normally well-guarded defences….so while we immerse ourselves into deep oblivion here’s a few brief words with sound cloud links to enable you to navigate your way through these uncharted out there worlds….

First up a double tape release for the autistic campaign imprint, just 40 of these (ours is #33 in case you are of a note taking disposition). Entitled ‘failed frankenstein’ – set across 4 sides comprising of 51 minutes of sound, Wiggan sets out annihilating your turntable applying a shock treated aural autopsy that for the main has you cowering for cover amid a fierce unrelenting blizzard of excruciating white noise, this is bleach hot noise core pushed to the very extremities which reference wise is not so far from the harsh sonic dynamics once ploughed with much aplomb by the likes of sissy spacek and kylie minoise not to mention  the much missed Tayside mental health, incorporating all the usual Roadside Picnic trademarks – severe manipulation and frequency bending hijinks this collection arrives both brutal and bludgeoning, amid the sound degrading emerge moments of disquieting dark ambi-hiss as though the recording has been pulled from communications from the deep beyond.

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