roadside picnic and francesca de gallo

‘tones to disappear to’ via Jehu and Chinaman – home to scammers, beachers and of course wizards tell lies (who incidentally pop up here later on) and the revenant sea – finds Mr Wiggan in collaborative cahoots with Francesco de Gallo – better known to the more informed as Hobo Cubes and head honcho of the Hobo Cults imprint. Described by one of the protagonists as ‘a hazy exploration of the mind…..slow, intimate, molecular fragments….’- in truth fairly accurate for the set features two extended 11 minute work outs entitled simply ‘tone one’ and ‘tone two’. This release follows the labels splinter imprint plastic tonez first foray into a planned 10 album remix program courtesy of an ultra-limited Justin Wiggan retuning of Queen’s ‘sheer heart attack’ – more about that in a second. As to ‘tones’ – fairly intense stuff though for obviously different reasons than the ‘Frankenstein’ release with this(‘tone one’ – you suspecting is the two parties feeling around each other and getting acquainted) emerging from the opposite end of the sound spectrum and arriving cocooned in all manner of stilled transcendental atmospherics, chamber electronic recitals and mind altering dronal tides which aside providing a deft exercise in mood changes if anything reference wise align themselves in to the sound camps of the Baron’s and Schickele. It’s however the subterranean sounding ‘tone two’ that holds the cards here, sparse chill forming Radiophonic Worship doing strange Jap-horror soundtracks eeriness, the sounds extrapolated uneasily putting you in mind of some strange and sadistic underground laboratory facility where secret government sponsored studies into thought manipulations and brain washing, where extra terrestrial hybrids are incubated and all manner of subtle torture techniques and attempts to make contact with those behind the veil are housed – disconnected, schizoid yet very much tuned onto a vague Aphexian frequency. Available in an edition of just 40 with numbers near sold out at source.

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