grimm grimm

on one side the delightfully dinky ‘kazega fuitara sayonara’ whilst other on the flip the disturbingly beautiful ‘tell the truth’ occupy the grooving lines of a new single for the pickpocket imprint by Grimm Grimm who in case you are previously unacquainted with is the solo project of one Koichi Yamanoha of screaming tea party. Seriously hearing these two tracks it’s hard to believe it’s the same creative mind at work such is their diversity in terms of style, texture and sound. Lead out track perhaps provides the perkiest and poppiest of listening activities, its clockwork rhythms and syncopating modulations craft a child like expressionism that admirers of the resource centre, Raymond scott and a young starry eyed ISAN might fall for this sleepy headed posy yawns, stretches and rubs its eyes before emerging to life to court something that can only be best described as a fairy dust sprinkled lullaby love note which to its bow ties together the hidden dots drawing together Orla Wren, Aritomo and the more playful moments from Bearsuit records esteemed back catalogue. Arresting as it might be we here are a little somewhat smitten by ‘tell the truth’ – in the lulling glow of a shimmering minimalist strum, what first appears sparse, hollowed and ghostly soon assumes a warm intensity purred in hazy swathes of baroque psych folk that pulsates delicately to seductively slipstream into sonic corridors more associated with Cheval Sombre. Does it for us just need to bag a copy now.     

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